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Author Tina L Helmuth

books, reviews, latest news, exclusive reading and excerpts from Author Tina L Helmuth


Latest from the Blog

The Wrath of the Father.

Tina L Helmuth tackles the disturbing topic of Child trafficking. How it is occurring in nearly every country of the world. It’s a huge problem in the US and those that are involved are those that sit up high and we’re supposed to put our trust in. Blurb Time is crucial when your child has […]

Latest Review for Unbreakable

Unbreakable is a disturbing and riveting entry into the world of child trafficking, evil, satanic rituals and sacrifices. Your heart will be sensitized to a great evil, that is Lucian who is trying to take back his power and open the dimensions to demons. On the other hand, Tony along with teddy and other members […]


Are You Ready To Play? A Novel Scavenger Hunt This is a scavenger hunt that is comprised of three parts. 1 The first part, you need to read the book Suffer The Little Children which is free to download right here Then answer these questions. 1) What did the police commissioner see before he died […]

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